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The first Last Night event for 2018 held at 14th Star Brewing was an event to remember last night. Five restaurants competed to have their creative cocktail become the official cocktail of the Last Night Gala happening on Monday December 31st at the Last Night Gala.

For those who might not be in the know, Last Night is an inaugural event to be held here in Saint Albans this coming New Year’s Eve celebrating 2018 and welcoming in 2019. Events will be held throughout the day and throughout the city to commemorate the year. From a childrens carnival to a comedy hour, from skating & sledding to tasting and dancing there’s something happening for everyone. Check out the Last Night website for more details,

Bar tenders and owners bar tending from La Casa Burrito, Mill River Brewing, Nelly’s, The Old Foundry, and Twigg’s joined together to bring one awesome event to the community. Visitors were given five tickets to visit each table and taste test their creative concoctions placing their vote for their favorites.

20181101_202551Nelly’s Pub’s Naomi LaMothe took the honors with their holiday-esque Gingerbread Martini. It’s on good authority that it tasted as delicious as it sounds. This delicious beverage will be served as the signature drink at the Last Night Gala on New Year’s Eve.

Congratulations Naomi! We cant’ wait to have it at Last Night!! If you’d like to give it a try visit for tickets to the Gala and buttons which will get you into all of the other day’s events.